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Health Extras and Pet Extras Accounts
Health Extras and Pet Extras Accounts

Want to join the revolution? Here are all the things you should know to get started.

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ExtrasJar’s Fees and CostsDisclosure of our simple, transparent fees
Who is eligible to create an Extras Account?A short guide to check if you fit the qualifications to apply for an ExtrasJar Extras Account
How to get started in setting up an Extras Account?Step-by-step process to successfully set up your Extras Account
Making a deposit into your Extras AccountYou can increase your ExtrasJar savings further and here’s how to do it
How to withdraw your investment in the Units?Find out about the two options to withdraw your investment
How to make a withdrawal for treatments?Using your funds to pay treatments at your favourite providers
What will happen to my funds if I don't make a withdraw for Extras?Here at ExtrasJar, the less you spend, the more your money grows for future use
Account and Transaction CancellationAll things related to cancellation, suspension, refusal, and the likes
What the features and key benefits of a Health or Pet Extras account?You will have the key to the ExtrasJar revolution
Switching your extras cover policy to ExtrasJarAlready have an existing plan but you want to switch to ExtrasJar?
How to determine the right amount for your Extras Account?Here’s a quick guide if you are unsure about selecting the right amount for your Extras Account
What is the duration of my Health or Pet Extras Investment plan?Clarity regarding account renewals and everything related to it.
What is the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account?Find out how we extend our revolutionary protection to your furry mates.
What is the ExtrasJar Health Extras Account?Find out how we provide revolutionary protection for you and your entire family