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My ExtrasJar card was stolen. What should I do?
My ExtrasJar card was stolen. What should I do?

Guidance on loss, theft, and misuse of cards.

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If you know or have the reason that the device containing your card was lost, stolen, or misused, please file a report to the ExtrasJar team via email at or through the ExtrasJar app (by downloading it on a different device) immediately so we can do the necessary procedures to suspend your card and restrict further use.

The same thing applies if you suspect or have the reason that someone has an idea of your device PIN, identifiers, and passcodes.

When filing a report, you must comply with the requirement of providing information and confirming details of the loss, theft, or misuse for proper documentation so we can resolve the issue right away.

You should not use any lost card when the device is subsequently found. You will receive a card replacement, which you must set up in your digital wallet again, and you must only use that for making a claim; there is no fee involved for the issuance of a card replacement.

Can I request the cancellation of my ExtrasJar card?

Yes, you can! You may ask for the card to be cancelled at any time. When you send a request, you must confirm your identity prior to cancellation, and once cancelled, you must remove the card from your device wallet and must not use it anymore.

We may cancel your card at any time. Where possible, we will give you twenty (20) days advance notice of the cancellation. However, we may act without prior notice if:

  • We believe that the use of the card may cause loss to you or to us;

  • We believe that it is required for security purposes, including where it is used for unauthorised transactions or due to fraud;

  • You breach any material term or condition of the Product Disclosure Statement or the Card T&Cs; or

  • We suspect the card has been used illegally.

If we cancel your card, we will give you notice as soon as reasonably practical afterwards. We may also revoke the card at any time without cause or notice, and you will not be able to use it to access your available balance.

To avoid this from happening, please see the tips we have to safeguard your ExtrasJar card here. Also, we strongly advise that you always lock your card via the app to ensure that it can't be used for any transaction, even if you lost your device containing the card. Just go to the product menu, click “Manage”, and then lock.

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