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What is the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account?
What is the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account?

Find out how we extend our revolutionary protection to your furry mates.

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Pets are part of the family too, and for some, pets are their only family. That’s why their health is also our greatest priority, especially since they do not have the ability to tell us directly if they are feeling sick or in pain.

With the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account, you help you save to build a nest egg that has the potential to grow alongside your furry friend. We want you to feel confident about your pet's health.

We designed three plans for your pets that you can choose from:

  • Active Extras if you want more peace of mind and save for more than just their regular checkups. Rate starts at $30*;

  • Pamper Extras if you are a health guru who wants to be Zen about having funds ready for them when needed. Rate starts at $90*; and

  • Custom Extras if you want to customise your plan starting at $10 a month.

Meanwhile, you also have the liberty to personally create your pet’s plan if you think our pre-designed plans are not suited for their lifestyle, needs, and your budget. Feel free to reach us at so we can discuss your customised plan.

ExtrasJar is here to bring the revolution to Australians.

What are those? Keep reading!

Revolutionary protection for the added peace of mind

Since pets are part of our family, why should their cover differ? At ExtrasJar, we offer an equally extensive cover for your dog or cat. We also want to ensure that they will receive the best possible care in the event of an illness or injury without you having to dip into your savings.

Extras your way, even for your pets! That means no more restrictive limits. Pay only for treatments they need, without paying for those they don’t.

You are in complete control of all the funds you put into your account. Want to spend it all on specific treatments they regularly need? You can! Spend it the way you want because those are your hard-earned savings specifically allotted for your fur baby.

Access your funds at the point of sale because there is no need to serve waiting periods that may last up to 90 days or longer! For example, if your pet needs to have a treatment or checkup a day after getting their plan, you can already use the funds in your ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account. It is the added peace of mind that they are protected immediately after you avail of a plan.

We also say goodbye to expiring benefits/rebates if you do not reach your annual limit. At ExtrasJar, no funds are wasted because they roll over to the next year if you do not use them.

It will then be invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme to have the potential to grow further and put more cash in your back pocket that you can bank on when you need it most. In this sense, you pay less and gain more! We’re all about rewarding you for your good health.

One of the problems we saw in the industry is that Australians are already paying premiums, and yet, it just covers 40% to 60% of their pet’s treatment. They need to dip into their savings again for out-of-pocket expenses. It defeats the purpose of getting extras coverage because it seems like they are literally paying extra money for it, which should not be the case.

To address this, we allow you to use the funds in your account to pay for your pet’s treatment in full, as long as your available balance permits. You do not need to shell out more of your personal money to pay for the remaining percentage of your pet’s treatment cost not covered by a pet insurance policy.

With ExtrasJar, you have the freedom to spend your money the way you want with complete confidence that your best furry mate is protected. Plus, you gain access to a holistic network of providers who can still give you additional discounts and benefits just because you’re a part of ExtrasJar!

Join us now and experience the ExtrasJar revolution.

*The rate depends on your preferred mode of payment, whether fortnightly, monthly, or yearly and the plan you will get.

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