The ExtrasJar Health Extras Account allows you to get coverage for the extras you want, sustainably invest in your future, and never be stuck with unexpected fees because it grows with you through every chapter of your life.

We provide revolutionary protection for every generation with our different plan selections. Choose from these plans depending on who the healthcare coverage is for:

  • Just me, if you are an individual looking to provide healthcare coverage for yourself only;

  • Couple, if you are in a relationship looking to provide healthcare coverage for you and your partner;

  • Family, if either you are single looking to provide healthcare coverage for your immediate family (mother, father, siblings, etc.) or married looking to provide coverage for your own family (husband/wife and kids); and

  • Me & kids, if you are a single parent looking to provide healthcare coverage for you and your child/ren.

You can include as many family members as you want in your ExtrasJar Health Extras Account โ€“ no limits! As long as the available balance in your account permits, you can cover the treatments they need.

There are also no age restrictions on children or senior citizens you want to provide coverage. So, whether your child is a new-born or an adult, you can include them in your plan. Similarly, you can provide coverage for your grandparents or parents who are already senior citizens.

Should you decide to modify (add or remove) the family members covered in your plan after initial confirmation, please reach out to us at so we can adjust accordingly.

At ExtrasJar, we mean it when we say that your health extras account gives the complete peace of mind that your entire family is protected. We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to health covers, so we revolutionised the system to provide a more flexible and comprehensive cover that rewards you for good health.

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