ExtrasJar Card Limitations

Learn about everything related to limitations of your ExtrasJar Mastercard®.

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We understand that when it comes to covers, you want to protect yourself and that you are motivated by flexibility and purpose. That’s why we give you complete control over your funds because we recognise that it’s the way it should be.

However, there are still some general limitations that you should take note of to ensure a seamless ExtrasJar journey. Don’t worry because these will not keep your hands tied and won’t affect the liberty we give you as an ExtrasJar member.

The ExtrasJar Mastercard® must NOT be used for illegal transactions at all times. We have the right to decline a transaction or suspend your card if we discover such activities in your account.

Please be advised that not all merchants/providers accept prepaid Mastercard® as a mode of payment. In such cases, you will not be able to use your ExtrasJar card.

Point of Sale limits also apply as detailed below:

  • $4,999 maximum Point of Sale transaction amount (in any one transaction)

  • $4,999 daily Point of Sale limit per day (cumulative for all transactions)

  • 25 maximum number of transactions per day (including POS)

Are there cost limits on the treatments?

This is one of the most exciting and loved features of ExtrasJar because this is the part where they discover how they are in complete control over the funds they put in ExtrasJar.

There are NO limits on the coverage of your treatment cost, which means you are allowed to use your ExtrasJar Mastercard® to pay for a transaction in full! You can use them as long as you have an available balance in your account, and they suffice for the treatment cost.

Say goodbye to out-of-pocket surprises because we treat the premiums you pay as your money, not ours. We do not want you to continuously shell out money from your hard-earned savings to pay for gaps when you pay your premium.

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