Are there waiting periods?

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At ExtrasJar, you are allowed to access your funds at the point of sale. That means no waiting periods!

We want to give you complete peace of mind that you are protected on day one that Units are issued to you. For example, if you avail of a plan and Units are already available in your ExtrasJar Extras Account today, then you can use those funds the next day to pay for your treatment if you need one right away.

The same goes for pet extras. Once you have Units in your account, you can already use those to cover for a treatment your pet might need immediately.

Say goodbye to the usual waiting periods implemented by traditional insurers. We acknowledge that you decided to get an investment plan to save and be protected at that moment, and waiting periods defeat its purpose. Imagine having to wait up to 12 months or even 36 months (depending on the treatment) before you are allowed to use the plan you already paid for.

ExtrasJar was established to bring a solution to all the issues surfacing in health extras industry, and waiting periods are among them. With an ExtrasJar Extras Account, it’s already a reality.

We aim to give you all the things you love about health extras with none of the bits you don’t; instead, we will make adjustments on these issues for your complete peace of mind and satisfaction that your plan got you for real.

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