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Who is eligible to create an Extras Account?
Who is eligible to create an Extras Account?

A short guide to check if you fit the qualifications to apply for an ExtrasJar Extras Account

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Australians 18 years or older with a residential Australian address (for tax purposes) are eligible to create an ExtrasJar Extras Account and invest in the Fund.

You are allowed to create one account under ExtrasJar Health Extras Account and ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account. If you want to set-up both accounts, you are also permitted to do so.

We provide flexible coverage and revolutionary peace of mind for the entire family. So, whether you want protection for yourself, you and your partner, your whole family, or even your furry friend, we can make that work for you!

However, please note that you can only have one account for each. You cannot create two ExtrasJar Pet Extras Accounts or vice versa. If we discover that you have multiple accounts, we may combine the accounts, or suspend, or close the additional accounts without prior notice to you.


On the other hand, overseas students and workers and those who are outside the jurisdiction of Australia are not eligible for such offers at the moment. But, we are currently working on accelerating our growth to give the ExtrasJar revolution to a larger population.

If you are eligible and interested in setting up your ExtrasJar Extras Account, you can easily create one by simply clicking the button below and following the instructions given in the dashboard.

Meanwhile, for further questions, concerns, or clarifications regarding your eligibility, feel free to reach us at

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