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What is the ExtrasJar Health Extras Account?
What is the ExtrasJar Health Extras Account?

Find out how we provide revolutionary protection for you and your entire family

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ExtrasJar strongly believes that health is your greatest wealth, and we also recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health coverage. This is why we changed the game and carefully curated the health extras investment plans we offer to ensure that we give you the security you want and deserve.

The ExtrasJar Health Extras Account allows you to get coverage for the extras you want, sustainably invest in your future, and never be stuck with unexpected fees because it grows with you through every chapter of your life.

We designed three plans for you to choose from:

  • Active Extras if you want more peace of mind and save for more than just regular check-ups. Rate starts at $30*; or

  • Athlete Extras if you are a health guru who wants to be Zen about having funds ready when needed. Rate starts at $45*; and

  • Custom Extras if you want to customise your plan starting at $10 a month.

Meanwhile, we give you the liberty to create your own plan if you think our pre-designed plans are not suited for your lifestyle, budget, and needs. Feel free to reach us at so we can discuss your customised plan.

ExtrasJar is here to bring the revolution to Australians. We shaking up the healthcare industry through our radical approach that addresses what we call the “biggest shams in the industry” to give control back to the customers and help them save for quality healthcare.

What are those? Keep reading!

Revolutionary protection for your complete peace of mind

At ExtrasJar, you are in complete control of the funds you put into your account. So, if you want to spend all your money on dental or other treatments, you can! Those are your hard-earned savings, and we keep it that way.

Additionally, you can access your funds at the point of sale. Contrary to the practice of traditional insurers, there’s no need to serve waiting periods that may last up to 12 months! It is the complete peace of mind that you’re protected immediately after you avail of a plan.

We also acknowledge how Australians are being pressured into getting a treatment they don’t need before the year ends to get benefits/rebates. Not to mention that these limits reset as soon as the new year comes. So, if you do not reach your limit, your rebates expire as well.

At ExtrasJar, you can maximise the funds deposited in your account as it will roll over to the next year if you do not use them. It will also be invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme to have the potential to grow further and put more cash in your back pocket that you can bank on when you need it most.

Quick question – have you been frustrated with the fact that you’re already paying your premiums, and yet, it just covers 40% to 60% of your treatment? We are with you on that, and we are also tired of them because it defeats the purpose of getting extras coverage.

That’s why we say goodbye to out-of-pocket expenses. You do not need to dip into your savings to pay for the remaining percentage of your treatment cost not covered by your insurer; instead, you can use the funds in your account to pay for your treatment in full, as long as your available balance permits.

With ExtrasJar, you have the freedom to spend your money the way you want with complete confidence that everyone is protected. Plus, you gain access to a holistic network of healthcare providers who can still give you additional discounts and benefits just because you’re a part of ExtrasJar!

Join us now and experience the ExtrasJar revolution.

*The rate depends on your preferred mode of payment, whether fortnightly, monthly, or yearly and the plan you will get.

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