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How to safeguard my ExtrasJar card?

Tips to keep your ExtrasJar Mastercard® safe and secure.

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As we say, your ExtrasJar Mastercard® is your best friend in your entire ExtrasJar journey, as all transactions are paid using it. Therefore, you must keep it safe and secure at all times to prevent loss, theft, or misuse.

Given this, below are the security requirements we strongly advise you to take. You must not:

  • Allow anyone else to use the card;

  • Unnecessarily disclose the PAN;

  • Write or carry the PIN with the card or record the PIN or device passcode on anything carried with the card or device, unless you make a reasonable attempt to protect the security of the PIN or device passcode;

  • Voluntarily disclose the PIN, device passcode, or passcode to anyone, including a family member or a friend;

  • Allow someone else to register a biometric identifier on your device; and

  • Provide any device passcode to another person to access your device.

To safeguard your card from unauthorised use, you must:

  • Memorise your PIN and never store it with or near your card

  • Never leave your card or device with your card unattended (e.g., in your car or at work)

  • Immediately report the unauthorised use of your card or device to the ExtrasJar team; and

  • Examine your account on the ExtrasJar app to identify and report any instances of unauthorised use as soon as possible.

When you add your card to a device wallet, you should:

  • Always lock your device;

  • Assign a unique and strong device passcode to unlock your device;

  • Not share your device passcode with anyone;

  • Not leave your device unattended;

  • Remove any other registered biometric identifier which is not your own from your device; and

  • Ensure that security details to access your device or authorise a payment with your device are not easily guessed.

In an instance that your card was lost, stolen, misused, suspect or have the reason that someone has an idea of your PIN, identifiers, and passcodes, please file a report to the ExtrasJar team via the ExtrasJar app or email at immediately so we can suspend your card and restrict further use.

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