Using your ExtrasJar Mastercard®

Guidance on transactions using your card.

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The information in this article forms part of the Health and Pet Extras Card T&Cs, which you can read through the following links:

Your ExtrasJar card can be used at an outlet within Australia that has an EFTPOS Device, over the telephone or the internet by providing the PAN, expiry date, and security code, and

at outlets overseas wherever Mastercard® cards are accepted.

All authorised health and/or pet care treatments listed here are paid using the ExtrasJar card. Make sure that Mastercard® cards are honoured at your provider’s facility, and just tap your card on their EFTPOS device to pay for your treatment easily and hassle-free. No pre-approvals required!

Meanwhile, if you wish to use your funds to purchase goods or services not listed as authorised, you may still use your ExtrasJar card, but with corresponding fees as disclosed in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If the ExtrasJar team discovers a suspicious or unauthorised transaction made without prior notice to us, we will reach out to you for verification and confirmation purposes. Failure to confirm will give us the right to automatically charge you with the corresponding fees disclosed in our PDS.

If you notice any error (or possible error) in any transaction relating to your card, then you must notify ExtrasJar immediately. We may request you to provide additional written information concerning any error (or possible error) and you must comply with that request. It is your responsibility to regularly review your transaction history to identify unauthorised transactions.

Foreign Transactions

Transactions made in a currency other than Australian dollars will be subject to the prevailing Mastercard® exchange rate at the time, plus a 2.99% foreign exchange fee.

An example of foreign exchange fee computation is as follows:

  • You make a purchase from a merchant located outside Australia (e.g. USA);

  • At the time, Mastercard’s prevailing exchange rate is US$1.00 = $0.95 Australian;

  • You spend US$200.00;

  • The Australian dollar amount is US$200.00 x $0.95 = $190.00; and therefore

  • The foreign exchange fee is 2.99% x $190.00 = $5.68

If you have further questions or clarifications regarding your transactions using the ExtrasJar Mastercard®, just reach us at

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