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Making a deposit into your Extras Account
Making a deposit into your Extras Account

You can increase your ExtrasJar savings further and here’s how to do it

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Here at ExtrasJar, you can put in additional funds that will come in handy and help you save for more treatments that you might need in the future. You can do this in the form of purchasing and making an investment in the Units.

The Units are a fully digital investment product accessible through the ExtrasJar mobile and web applications. It represents an undivided beneficial share in the assets of the Fund as a whole (but not in any particular assets). You can increase your investment by investing funds into your ExtrasJar Extras Account, and so, acquiring Units in the Fund.

You can do additional investments by:

  • Making investments on an ad-hoc basis. That is, you can choose how much to invest at any time you want. Ad-hoc investments are subject to a $10 minimum; or

  • Choosing an automated option, such as establishing an investment plan to invest an amount you specify on a regular basis. Investment plans are subject to a minimum recurring amount of $10 a month.

Once your transaction is completed, you will receive an order confirmation email from us. Please note that there is a 3-day clearing period before we issue you your Units as we await your nominated bank to review and verify your Units purchase. ExtrasJar cannot process your transaction until the window passes.

After getting clearance from your bank, we will begin with the processing, and it may take up to 10 business days for Units to be issued to you. Expect another update from us in the app or via email confirming the number of Units you will receive. The issued Units will be reflected in your ExtrasJar Mastercard®.

If, for any reason, your investment is unable to be processed (e.g., your bank account does not allow direct debit or the account details you have provided are incorrect), we will contact you in the first instance for instructions. This may result in you having to restart the process.

How we compute the Units issued to you

The Unit price, at any time, is calculated by dividing the net asset value (NAV) of the Fund corresponding to the Units by the number of Units on issue at that time. We calculate the Unit price each Wednesday, except in circumstances specified in the Constitution. The NAV is calculated using the market value of the assets of the Fund.

The Unit price (or value of each Unit) is calculated based on the proportion of the net asset value of the Fund, which relates to the "Extras" class of units divided by the total units issued in the class. The Unit price will vary as the market value of assets in the Fund rises or falls.

The Unit price is calculated weekly at 4:00 pm on a Wednesday. If Wednesday is not a business day (e.g., a public holiday), the Unit price is calculated on the first business day following that day.

Please be guided on where we receive your investment instructions and the necessary funds as follows:

  • Before 4:00 pm on a Wednesday, you will generally receive the Unit price calculated as at the close of markets on that business day.

  • After 4:00 pm on a Wednesday, you will generally receive the Unit price calculated as at the close of markets on the next Wednesday.

  • Anytime on a day that is not Wednesday, you will generally receive the Unit price calculated at the close of markets on the first Wednesday.

Fractional Units

Where all or part of the amount you invest or withdraw does not allow you to buy or sell (as the case may be) a whole Unit, we will issue a fraction of a whole Unit to you for the amount you have invested or exchange a fraction of a whole Unit for the amount you have withdrawn.

The value of and all rights and obligations attached to a fractional Unit will be in proportion to a whole Unit. If you hold more than one fraction of a Unit, we may consolidate the fractions into a whole Unit. We issue fractional Units rounded to the sixth decimal place. Rounding could impact the value of the amount you invest or withdraw.

Cooling-off Period

If you wish to cancel your investment in the Units, you may do so by telling us in writing during the 14-day cooling-off period. This commences on the earlier confirmation of your investment or 5 days after your Units are issued to you.

The amount refunded will reflect any change in Unit price and taxation, as well as changes due to transactions on your ExtrasJar Mastercard®. Following this, please note that it may be less than the amount you initially invested.


If you have a refund, we will issue the same number of Units used to pay for the transaction. The Unit price you receive will be the Unit price of the business day the refund is processed.

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