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ExtrasJar Fund (ARSN 660 982 507)
ExtrasJar Fund (ARSN 660 982 507)

Understanding the ExtrasJar Extras Class and Fund

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Who is eligible for an Extras product?
What makes our Health Extras Account Unique?Explore why our Health Extras Account is unique
Companies Affiliated with ExtrasJarOur partners
How does the Fund Work?
What are the benefits of investing in ExtrasJar Fund?We at ExtrasJar, understand that you want to flexibility in your plans as your money also works for you. That's what we wanted too.
How does ExtrasJar invest your money?A detailed description of the investment profile is available in our PDS
What does your ExtrasJar Extras Class Account Entail?In creating an ExtrasJar Extras Account, you are eligible to create two plans, one for Health and one for Pet
How can I start investing in my Extras with ExtrasJar?How to start investing with ExtrasJar for yourself or your entire family – or your furry friends