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ExtrasJar Fund (ARSN 660 982 507)
What makes our Health Extras Account Unique?
What makes our Health Extras Account Unique?

Explore why our Health Extras Account is unique

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An ExtrasJar account allows you to save and pay for general healthcare treatments, which we call “Extras” by making one-off and/or periodic deposits. Your deposits will be used to purchase units in the ExtrasJar registered Managed Investment Scheme (Australian Registered Scheme Number (ARSN): 660 982 507). You can use your units in the fund to pay for healthcare extras with your ExtrasJar digital MasterCard using your available balance.

What sets us apart is that most managed investment schemes feature long delays when it comes to accessing your funds. Many also disallow the use of funds directly at the point of sale. With ExtrasJar, we transform that reality, allowing you access to your funds at any point.

ExtrasJar ensures a revolutionary approach to managing your health l on its head by switching your extras to an investment product rather than a ‘voucher’ for extras you never use.

Our revolutionary approach is rooted from our personal experiences from a range of industries and consequently allowed us to form a reliable, customer-focused service that works for your success.

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