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How can I start investing in my Extras with ExtrasJar?
How can I start investing in my Extras with ExtrasJar?

How to start investing with ExtrasJar for yourself or your entire family – or your furry friends

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Step #1: Choose a plan or create your own

To kick off your ExtrasJar revolutionary journey, you must first choose a plan, whether you want coverage for your health with the ExtrasJar Health Extras Account or you want to provide coverage for your furry friend with the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account.

But, if you want to provide coverage for both, ExtrasJar gives you the freedom to create your own plan/s. After all, that’s what we want to give you – flexible protection.

Step #2: Set up an ExtrasJar Extras account

Create an ExtrasJar account by signing up with a unique email address and password. Afterwards, complete the online application process for an ExtrasJar Extras Account (you will need to provide one form identification document for verification purposes, Drivers License, Passport or Medicare Card).

Note that by making an account, you agree to receive communications and disclosures in digital form only (including via email or the ExtrasJar app with a copy of, or hyperlink to the relevant communication).

Step #3: Purchase Units

You can make an investment in the Units by direct debit from an Australian bank account that you nominate and which must be held in your name. You can provide your direct debit instructions in the ExtrasJar app and on our website.

Direct debit is not available on the full range of accounts and at all financial institutions. If in doubt, please check with your financial institution. If direct debits are not available on your bank account, or you provide the wrong details, we won’t be able to process your payment.

Step #4: Await for Application Processing and Confirmation of Investment

Once you’ve purchased Units, you will receive an order confirmation email from us and your direct debit transaction will undergo a 3-day clearing period, where your bank will review your transaction. During this 3-day window, ExtrasJar cannot access your funds only until this time has passed, which we will then proceed with processing the investment.

If, for any reason, your application or investment is unable to be processed (for example, if your application is incorrectly completed, your bank account does not allow direct debit, or the account details you have provided are not correct), you will be contacted in the first instance for instructions. This may result in you having to restart the application process.

Once your application and investments are accepted and units are issued to you, you’ll receive confirmation of your investment through the ExtrasJar app or via email.

Step #5: Issuance of ExtrasJar Card

After your funds have been cleared and you’ve successfully invested and purchased Units in your ExtrasJar Extras Account, the ExtrasJar Team will arrange and provide you with an ExtrasJar Card that either cover personal Health or Pet, depending on your chosen account.

The ExtrasJar Card is a digital reloadable prepaid Mastercard®, that will be activated via Apple Pay or Google Pay. It will be a facility for making non-cash payment and/or transactions. The card is issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (ABN 30 131 436 532; AFSL 404131) pursuant to a licence from Mastercard® Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Terms and conditions of the ExtrasJar Card are available here.

ExtrasJar Fund (ARSN 660 982 507) (Fund)

The Fund is a unit trust and a managed investment scheme registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission under the Corporations Act. When you deposit funds into your ExtrasJar Extras Account, those funds are automatically applied to the purchase of Units.

Units are fully-digital investments that are purchased using your ExtrasJar Extras Account. It represents an undivided beneficial share in the assets of the Fund as a whole (but not in any particular assets).

The Unit price (or value of each Unit) is calculated based on the proportion of the net asset value of the Fund which relates to the "Extras" class of units divided by the total units issued in the class. The Unit price will vary as the market value of assets in the Fund rises or falls.

You can already start investing in Units once you have accomplished the steps above. Moreover, you can make additional investments on an ad-hoc basis, or establish an investment plan, at any time through the ExtrasJar app.

Ad-hoc investments are subject to a $10 minimum. Investment plans are subject to a minimum recurring amount of $10. We may close accounts with a zero balance at any time.

Cooling-off Period

In every decision you make, there will always be internal confrontations and we definitely understand if you happen to change your mind about your investment in the Units.

You can exercise your right to cancel your investment by telling us in writing. You may do so during a 14-day cooling-off period, which commences on the earlier confirmation of your investment or 5 days after your units are issued to you.

The amount refunded will reflect any change in Unit price and taxation, as well as changes due to transactions on your ExtrasJar Card. It may be less than the amount you initially invested.

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