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Benefits and Risks of Investing in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme
Benefits and Risks of Investing in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme

Full disclosure of the benefits and risks of investing in the Units.

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The ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme, as it is with other managed investment schemes, entails key benefits and significant risks that you should be aware of.

This is important for us for full transparency with our customers. Similarly, customers must be fully aware of what they are getting into before deciding on establishing an ExtrasJar Extras Account and making an investment in the Units.

Key Benefits of Investing in the Units

  • Regular savings for authorised transactions - ExtrasJar believes regular investments help grow savings to help manage the costs of your health or pet extras (as applicable). You can contribute to your ExtrasJar Extras Account frequently by setting automatic recurring deposits or by one-off contributions.

  • Withdrawal at any time - You can request a withdrawal of all or part of your investment from your ExtrasJar Extras Account at any time. We will dispose of sufficient investment in Units to pay the withdrawal proceeds in cash generally within ten (10) business days. There are no fees or penalties for cash withdrawals. Some withdrawal requests may be subject to rounding and market risk.

  • Simple, transparent fees - A simple fee to charge a funds management fee, monthly platform and ExtrasJar Mastercard® fee, and a Fund expense fee.

  • Low barriers to getting started - Competitive fees with a minimum investment of only $10 a month.

Significant Risks of Investing in the Units

  • Performance risk - The value of your investments can go up or down. Returns are not guaranteed, and you may lose money. Investment returns will vary, and future returns may be different from past returns. Risk impacts vary for individual investors depending on age, investment time frame, other investments held, and risk tolerance.

  • Investment objective risk - Some of the underlying Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) may not achieve their investment objective. This may mean that the return generated may differ from the stated investment objective.

  • Market risk - Changes in financial markets, the economy, political changes, technological developments, and changes in market sentiment continually affect the value of investments and the level of income they generate.

For instance, if you request a full cash withdrawal or close your ExtrasJar Extras Account, the amount you receive may be different (including less) from the last value displayed in your ExtrasJar Extras Account due to market movements.

  • Operational risk - The risk that the responsible entity, the custodian, or ExtrasJar’s operational processes and procedures malfunction or fail.

  • Fund risk - The Fund could terminate, fees and expenses could increase, and the responsible entity or any service provider may change. There is no guarantee that the investment strategy of the Fund will be managed successfully.

Investment in the Fund is governed by the laws affecting managed investment schemes, the Constitution, and the Product Disclosure Statement, each of which may be amended from time to time.

  • Authorisation risk - The risk that your investment is accessed by another person that pretends to be you (e.g., using the ExtrasJar Mastercard® to make withdrawals).

All investments involve key benefits and significant risks. No investment is perfect, but here at ExtrasJar, we always ensure to exhaust all efforts to manage your investment carefully in the best way we know how.

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