Upon setting up an ExtrasJar account and successfully completing the application process, we will be issuing you with an ExtrasJar Card for Health Extras or Pet Extras, depending on the account you’ve chosen. If you set up both accounts, we will provide you with two different cards. Once you have your ExtrasJar Card, it will be available for provision to your digital wallet in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In creating an ExtrasJar Extras Account, you are eligible to create two plans, one for the ExtrasJar Health Extras Account and the other one for the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account. But note that you are only allowed to create one account for each (e.g., you cannot make two accounts under the ExtrasJar Pet Extras Account).

You can use your ExtrasJar Card to purchase either authorised Health Care general treatments, if you set up a Health Extras account, or authorised Pet transactions, if you got the Pet Extras account. You are also eligible to purchase any other goods and services wherever Mastercard® cards are accepted with corresponding fees as disclosed in our Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) here.

Your ExtrasJar Card can be used in several ways: at an outlet within Australia that has an EFTPOS Device; over the telephone or the internet by providing the PAN, expiry date, and security code; or at outlets overseas wherever Mastercard® cards are accepted.

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