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With ExtrasJar Extras, you funds don't expire. You have the potential to maximise your funds even if you don’t use them because they roll over year after year and are invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme to potentially put more cash in your back pocket.

Here’s how we do it

The Fund’s asset allocation is made up of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with an allowance for cash and cash equivalents to manage it efficiently. The Fund’s assets are typically invested within the following asset allocation ranges:

  • Cash and Cash equivalents: 10-60% of the Fund; and

  • ETFs: 40-90% of the Fund

A detailed description of the investment profile is available in Section 5 of our Product Disclosure Statement here.

We will review the investment objective and strategy regularly. We aim to provide you with at least thirty (30) days advance notice before material changes to any investment objectives take effect.

To achieve the Fund’s objectives, we set what we believe to be an appropriate investment strategy and asset allocation and select the appropriate investments accordingly.

We monitor and review the Fund’s performance, investment strategy, investments, and implementation processes to ensure that they are consistent with the investment objectives. Adjustments may be made to these without prior notice where appropriate.

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