What is the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme?

Know more about where we invest your funds.

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ExtrasJar is the investment manager, administrator, promoter, and provider of other services for the ExtrasJar Fund – a managed investment scheme registered with the Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC).

We are appointed by Quay Fund Services Limited (ABN 84 616 465 671; AFSL 494886), which is the responsible entity of the ExtrasJar Fund and issuer of Units. As a responsible entity, they are in charge of operating the Fund and its compliance with the Constitution, the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), and other relevant laws.

Quay Fund also appointed Certane CT Pty Ltd (ABN 12 106 424 088; AFSL 258829) to be the custodian of the Fund. Their role as custodian entails being responsible for holding the Fund’s assets in its name and acting in the direction of Quay Fund (the responsible entity) to affect cash and investment transactions.

How does the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme work?

  • Pay less, gain more - When you make an ExtrasJar Extras Account, all your scheduled payments, including additional investments you want to deposit into your account, are invested into the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme. The less you spend, the more your investment grows for future use.

The ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme is where we purchase your Units. The Unit price (or value of each Unit) is calculated based on the proportion of the net asset value of the Fund, which relates to the "Extras" class of Units divided by the total Units issued in the class. Given that you are purchasing Units from the Fund, their price will vary as the market value of assets in the Fund rises or falls.

  • Access your funds anytime - You can easily access your investments through your ExtrasJar Mastercard® once Units are successfully issued to you. Use these funds to pay for authorised treatments in part or in full (depending on your available balance), which means no out-of-pocket surprises. Accessing your funds is also hassle-free. Just tap your device with the ExtrasJar card at the EFTPOS device, and that’s it!

  • Growing funds that remain yours and don’t expire - If you don’t make a claim, you don’t have to worry that your funds may disappear. At ExtrasJar, any unused funds roll over year after year and are invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme. This way, not only are you able to save your money, but it also has the potential to put more cash in your back pocket.

Maximise your investment with ExtrasJar and never dip into your savings again when accessing quality health and/or pet care treatments. This is the ExtrasJar revolution, where you can find versatility and discover true control over your health and pockets.

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