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How do I request a Pre-existing Condition assessment?
How do I request a Pre-existing Condition assessment?

Completing a pre-existing condition assessment

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At ExtrasJar we value transparency. It is very important to us that we are as clear and upfront as possible about the cover available under your policy, and we therefore offer a pre-existing Condition assessment that can be completed after you purchase a policy for your pet to help you understand what we consider to be a Pre-existing Condition and therefore excluded from your cover.

If you decide not to get a Pre-existing Condition assessment completed straight after purchase a policy with us, we will still require one at the time of your first claim based on a full assessment of your pet’s medical history. This will also include conditions (including signs & symptoms of conditions) contained in the medical history during an applicable Exclusion Period.

When We conduct the assessment of Your first claim under the Policy We may also arrange for a full assessment of Your Pet’s available medical history. You will be reasonably required to aid in the process of obtaining Your Pet’s medical history e.g. by providing details of any Vets Your Pet has seen in the past. This assessment will establish what Pre-existing Symptoms and Conditions, if any, Your Pet has, and We will share the assessment outcome with You. You may request a Pre-existing Symptom and Condition assessment before Your first claim (for example during the cooling-off period).

Where Pre-existing Symptoms and Conditions have been identified during an assessment, We may issue You an updated Certificate of Insurance or other report, including online, which will list them.

Certain Pre-existing Symptoms or Conditions may be considered cured in the future, and We may make an exception to the Pre-existing Symptom or Condition exclusion, once Your pet meets specific criteria. When we list an identified Pre-existing Symptom or Condition, We include whether it may be reviewed in the future, the earliest future date a review may be requested by You and any supporting information that will be required at that time. If a Pre-existing Symptoms or Conditions is not reviewable, this means it will be excluded for as long as You continue to hold the cover.

The completion of a Pre-existing Symptom and Condition Assessment does not override the Pre-existing Symptom and Condition definition or remove General Exclusion relating to Pre-existing Symptoms and Conditions. This is because Our assessment can only be completed based on what We have been able to obtain and review, and receipt of missing medical history and/or additional information in the future may change the outcome of the assessment.

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