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Are pre-existing conditions covered?
Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Pre-existing conditions explanation

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There is no cover under this Policy for Vet Costs for Treatment of Pre-existing Symptoms and Conditions, unless an exception to this exclusion is approved by Us after a Pre-existing Sympton and Condition assessment (as set out below).

A Pre-existing Symptom and Condition is defined as:

An Injury, Illness, Dental Illness, Behavioural Condition or Specified Condition (including Bilateral Conditions, recurrent conditions such as ear infections and diarrhoea, and other conditions that are related to, secondary to, or results of) that:

a. first occurred or showed symptoms of; or

b. was identified or investigated by a Vet; or

c. You were aware of or a reasonable person in the circumstances could be expected to have known about, before Your Pet’s First Date of Cover; before a change of coverage became effective, or during any applicable Exclusion Period.

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