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How to Make a Pet Insurance Claim
How to Make a Pet Insurance Claim

A full description of how to make an ExtrasJar Pet Insurance Claim

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Before You lodge a claim, you can call our customer care team on 1300 633 811 to find out if a Condition or Treatment is likely to be covered. If we tell you a Condition or Treatment is not likely to be covered, we will never discourage you from lodging a claim, and your claim will be fully assessed upon lodgement and receipt of all required information.

3 simple steps to make a claim

There are 3 steps to make a claim are:

1. Your Proof

Get a copy of your paid invoice and your Vet’s clinic notes or pet’s full medical history if this is your first claim.

2. Log into your ExtrasJar Pet Portal

Log in online from any device and select the Pet’s policy you wish to make a claim for.

3. Make a claim

Select ‘New Claim’, take a photo or upload your invoice and tell us what happened. Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done.

Confirming the receipt of your claim only takes a few minutes. We will contact your Vet for a copy of the clinic notes that relate to the invoice. If this is your first claim, we will also ask your pet’s previous Vets for full medical history unless a Pre-existing Condition* assessment has already been completed. You should submit your claim within ninety (90) days from the date of Treatment.

Did you know your Vet can lodge your claim for you?

All your Vet needs to do is email a copy of the invoice and clinical notes to: Once we receive the details from your Vet we will contact you via email to confirm the receipt of your claim.

Most Vets provide clinical notes in 2-3 business days, but in busy times it can take longer. We will keep you updated when we receive the notes or if we need you to follow-up your Vet.

For information review our claims process form.

What happens during the claim process?

1. Initial check

We’ll review Your claim to see if We can assess it quickly without further information.

If no more information

We may be able to assess Your claim without additional information. If so, We will assign it to the Assessment team.

If more information required

We may need to contact You or Your current and/ or previous Vets to:

  • discuss any details about Your claim

  • ask for any reasonably necessary information and/ or records about Your Pet. We may decline a claim if You or Your Vet refuse or are unable to give Us any reasonable information We need to assess Your claim.

We aim to do an initial check to see if We can assess Your claim within 2 business days.

We will keep You updated on obtaining more information from Your Vet.

2. Assess

Our Australian-based Assessment team will assess Your claim. We aim to assess all claims within 5 business days of receiving all necessary information If approved, the benefit payable will be calculated. The Benefit Percentage You picked when You took out Stella Pet Insurance is the proportion of Vet Costs that We cover in the event of a claim, less any outstanding Annual Excess up to the Annual Limit of Your Policy (unless You changed the Benefit Percentage). The outcome of Our assessment will be communicated in just a few minutes after We have completed it. Please see the following examples.

Benefit Percentage




Claimed Vet Costs (after Annual Excess)




We pay




You pay




3. Settle

In most cases, We will settle Your claim directly with You. We won’t pay the Vet or other service provider unless You instruct Us otherwise and the provider has authorised direct payment or at Our election.

Settlement is usually processed on the business day after communicating the assessment outcome to You.

*Pre-existing Condition assessment There is no cover for Pre-existing Condition unless an exception to the Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is approved by Us. In general, a Pre-existing Condition is any Injury, Illness, Dental Illness, Behavioural Condition or Specified Condition that first occurred or whose symptoms were showing; or was identified or investigated by a vet, or you could reasonably be expected to be aware of, before the start of Your Pet’s policy, or during a relevant Waiting Period. A Condition is considered Pre-existing whether or not it’s been officially diagnosed or treated. When We conduct the assessment of Your first claim We will also arrange for a full assessment of Your Pet’s medical history unless a Pre-existing Condition assessment has already been conducted. You will be reasonably required to aid in the process of obtaining Your Pet’s medical history e.g. by providing details of any Vets Your Pet has seen in the past. This assessment will establish what Pre-existing Conditions Your Pet has, if any. Where an assessment has been completed that results in the identification of Pre-existing Conditions, We will provide You with an updated Certificate of Insurance which lists those Conditions along with confirmation of the required symptom-free period for each Condition for Us to consider exception from the Pre-existing Condition exclusion. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

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