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How do I make a claim

A description of how to submit a claim

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To submit a claim

Complete and submit the online claim form by logging in at including attaching a copy or photo of Your invoice. Alternatively, Your Vet may email a copy of the invoice and clinical notes to

Your Vet will be contacted for a copy of the clinical notes that relate to the invoice. If Your Vet has initiated the claim on Your behalf, You will be contacted to confirm the claim.

We will let You know if We need a full Treatment history for Your Pet from the attending Vet and any previous Vets. If so, Your Vet can easily submit these online or by email.

Alternatively, You or Your vet can initiate Your claim simply be emailing Your invoice and the clinical notes to

What You must not do

If You are making a claim You must not give Us false or misleading information. If You or any other person makes an intentionally false or fraudulent claim under Your Policy, We may refuse to pay such claim and may also cancel Your Policy or treat the contract as though it never existed.

What We may do

Where reasonably necessary We may contact Your current or previous Vet to:

  • discuss any details about Your claim

  • ask for any information and/or records about Your Pet.

We may decline a claim if You or Your Vet refuse or are unable to give Us any information We need to process Your claim.

What can affect Your claim

  • You don’t give Us all the information We need to process Your claim.

  • You or Your Vet don’t cooperate with Us and refuse or are unable to give Us any reasonably necessary information We need to process Your claim.

  • You don’t provide a copy of the original itemised invoices and receipts for the Treatment received by Your Pet.

  • You don’t comply with any terms, conditions or provisions of Your Policy.

For more details please contact us Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) 8.00am to 8.00pm (AEST) via:

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