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Does my health insurance cover my children?
Does my health insurance cover my children?

Children and health insurance

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As long as they are listed on your policy, your children are automatically covered under your family cover until the day before they turn 21.

After they turn 21, if they are studying full time you can register them with Phoenix Health as a Student Dependant and they’ll continue to be covered on your membership for no extra cost until their 25th birthday, or until they are no longer studying full time – whichever comes first.

If your dependant is over 21 and not studying full time, they can remain covered under your Phoenix Health membership, by upgrading to Extended Dependant cover, for an additional cost. Extended Dependant cover is available on most levels of cover (except Extras only policies) – get in touch with the Phoenix Health team for a quote and to find out if your cover is eligible.

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