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Looking after your health and wellbeing is about more than supporting you while you’re unwell. This is why we offer a range of Health Management Programs with all Health Hospital covers with no additional or out-of-pocket cost to eligible members.

All Health Management Programs are provided in partnership with YHN (Your Health Navigator), delivered by clinically trained staff and nurses and are designed to work in collaboration with any treatment plans you may already have in place with your doctor or other health care professionals. Support is available in person, by phone or through electronic platforms which means it’s available to you at home wherever you live.

What programs are available to me?

Our Health Management Programs are designed to provide support to members living with chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, or bone conditions as well as those preparing for, or recovering from a hospital admission.

We understand going to hospital can be a stressful time so our pre- and post-hospital programs can help you prepare for an upcoming surgery or assist you getting home from hospital faster so you can recover in the comfort of your own home.

What is included in each program is unique depending on your individual needs but as an example of the support that is available, here’s a closer look at the Diabetes Management Program.

Diabetes Management Program

Throughout the six-month program, members will be empowered to better self-manage their diabetes with the support of experienced diabetes educators and a team of registered nurses. The holistic program is tailored to members individual needs, is delivered in the comfort of your own home and designed to complement treatment, services and support you may already be receiving.

Members participating in the program will learn more about:

  • Understanding their diabetes,

  • Maintaining good nutrition,

  • Keeping active,

  • Managing medications,

  • Taking care of their emotional wellbeing, and

  • Managing their diabetes long term.

How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the above programs or would like to enroll, call the Phoenix Health Team on 1800 028 817or email – looking after our members is what we’re here for and what we love to do.

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