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Changing or Updating your Details

Find out how you can make edits on your information through the app.

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Modifying your details and other personal information is also easy and hassle-free through the ExtrasJar app.

How to update my contact details?

  • Go to Profile

  • Choose Personal Information

  • Look for “My Details”

  • Click Edit

You can edit your first and last name, date of birth, address, contact number, and email in this field.

How to change my passcode?

  • Go to Profile

  • Choose Security

  • Click “Change Passcode”

How to update my email and/or password?

If you forgot your email, you may check it in the “Personal Information” tab of your profile; it is included in “My Details”.

On the other hand, if you were logged out of your account and forgot your password, just click “Forgot Password”, enter your email, and then we will send you instructions on resetting your password.

Should you need to update other details about your account (e.g., direct debit and/or bank details), please feel free to contact us at so we can make changes accordingly

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