How do I find a Provider?

Finding a hospital and a provider

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Our Hospital Cover partner, Phoenix, as part of the Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA) has agreements with over 540 private hospitals throughout Australia. These agreements outline hospital charges for accommodation, theatre, labour ward, coronary care and intensive care and ensures that you are covered for these charges when you are admitted as an inpatient (subject to your level of cover).

They also has AHSA agreements in place with over 36,000 doctors where your medical charges are either fully covered or you will be advised of any gaps. You should always ask your doctor before hospital treatment if they participate in our Access Gap Cover scheme, and if they will be charging a gap.

Please ensure you contact the fund before you plan any procedure so we can advise you of the following:

  • Whether you are covered for the item

  • If any waiting periods may apply

  • If the hospital holds an agreement with Phoenix Health Fund.

  • Tips on how to reduce or remove out of pocket expenses and informed financial consent from your doctor

To search for a provider in your area, please refer to the below search facility.

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