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What Extras are standard with ExtrasJar Pet insurance?
What Extras are standard with ExtrasJar Pet insurance?

Dental Illness, Behavioural Problems and Specialised Therapies included as standard

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Extra benefits are included as standard and cover:

  • Vet Costs for Dental Illness such as dental diseases, gingivitis, periodontal disease.

  • Vet Costs for Behavioural Problems such as excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive chewing.

  • Vet Costs for Specialised Therapies such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy.

Please note that the extra benefits do not include cover for general dental check-up and clean (for Dental Illness), and do not include routine or elective treatments or supplements (for Alternative Therapies). For full details about what is and isn’t covered you should always refer to the Product Disclosure Statement.

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