ExtrasJar brings the health and pet care revolution to Aussies. We do this by blending the best of banking, insurance, and investments to deliver innovative products that empower and give control back to them.

We are set forth to address the current frustrations of Aussies with health and pet covers and be the solution. And so, how are we different from old-fashioned insurers?

Unlock them here!

  • Flexible and customisable plans - You can choose from our pre-designed plans or create your own. This way, you have guarantees that you are only paying for treatments applicable to your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

  • Pay less, gain more - ExtrasJar rewards you for your good health. If you don’t make a claim, your funds roll over year after year and stay invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme to gain the potential to put more cash in your back pocket that will come in handy for moments you need it most.

  • Access your funds anytime - Claiming the funds in your account involves no complicated processes and long delays. Simply tap your ExtrasJar Mastercard® at the point of sale when paying for your treatment, and that’s only it!

In addition, you don’t have to serve waiting periods that last up to 12 months or even longer, depending on the treatment, before you are allowed to use your funds. At ExtrasJar, you can access them immediately after your Units have been issued to you.

  • Spend your extras the way you want - We give you complete control over your funds. If you want to spend it all on dental or other specific treatments you most need, you can! Your hands are not tied to annual limits or other restrictions when it comes to using your funds to pay for health or pet care treatments. It’s your hard-earned savings, and we keep it that way.

Love what you read? Then don’t miss out on the revolution now! Find versatility and discover true control with ExtrasJar.

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