The ExtrasJar Pet Insurance is a comprehensive pet insurance product with the goal of giving you peace of mind for your furry friends. It features insurance with optional extras such as dental included as standard.

Meanwhile, ExtrasJar Hospital Insurance is a private hospital cover to make health insurance more affordable and empower Australians.

Both plans are eligible for our pioneering self-insurance deposit feature that allows you to lower your insurance premium substantially. A self-insurance deposit is a fund you contribute upfront when you avail of a plan.

Deposit up to $1,000 to have peace of mind that the funds are there to pay a valid claim and also enjoy a lower premium in years to come if you do not find yourself drawing upon it.

Think of this as a bond you pay your landlord upfront when renting a property. If nothing breaks, you get your money back. At ExtrasJar, if nothing happens to you or your pet and does not make a claim, you get your self-insurance deposit back in the sense that it will roll over to the next year and be used to lower your premium on that year.

Once you paid your self-insurance deposit and did not use them, you have the potential to lower your annual insurance premium by up to 40%. Every year after that, you will pay the same reduced rate, so long as you don’t need to go to the hospital.

And if you already need to go to the hospital, you are completely covered because we will draw on your self-insurance deposit as a form of excess payment.

Should you wish to end your insurance plan with ExtrasJar, you get your self-insurance deposit back in full with no questions asked.

This is the ExtrasJar revolution. We help our fellow Aussies to save as they gain access to quality healthcare because this is what they need and deserve.

Note: As of writing, the ExtrasJar Pet Insurance and ExtrasJar Hospital Insurance are still in the works and not yet offered to the public. But, we are working on launching these products really soon.

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