ExtrasJar blends the best of banking, investment, and insurance to deliver innovative products that can cut down the cost of everyday living and unlock financial freedom for people from all walks of life.

You are in for the treat once you decide to join the ExtrasJar revolution.

  • Extras your way - before you even get started, you already have the liberty to either choose from our pre-designed plans or customise your own that suits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

So, if you want a plan that only covers specific treatments without including others that you do not necessarily need, you are allowed to do so. We want to ensure that you have revolutionary peace of mind for yourself, your entire family, and even your furry friend, whomever the cover is for.

  • Pay less, gain more - you can maximise your funds even if you do not use them. If you do not make a claim because you don’t need treatment yet, your funds will not expire. Instead, it will roll over to the next year and be invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme, so it has the potential to grow further and put more cash in your back pocket.

You hit two birds with one stone because one, you did not lose your hard-earned savings, and second, you were able to increase your savings to access more treatments in the future.

  • Access your funds at the point of sale - you can use your funds to pay for treatment even after a day after you successfully created your account, contrary to the usual practice by traditional insurers out there. Here at ExtrasJar, you do not have to serve waiting periods that last up to 12 months before you can get a certain treatment.

  • Withdrawal at any time - you can request a withdrawal of all or part of your investment from your ExtrasJar Extras Account at any time. We will dispose of sufficient investments in Units to pay the withdrawal proceeds in cash generally within 10 business days.

There are no fees or penalties for cash withdrawals. Some withdrawal requests may be subject to rounding and market risk.

Also, you will be issued an ExtrasJar Mastercard® that you can use to withdraw your funds by making a transaction at your favourite provider. It is a digital, reloadable card that covers health extras, pet extras, or both, depending on your chosen account.

  • Simple, transparent fees - we do not have hidden charges that will result in a surprising amount of billings. ExtrasJar only has a simple fee for operations, charging a funds management fee, a monthly platform and ExtrasJar Mastercard® fee, and a Fund expense fee.

  • Low barriers to getting started - you do not need to shell out a chunk of your budget to open your ExtrasJar Extras Account. We only have competitive fees with a minimum investment of only $10.

ExtrasJar says goodbye to all recurring problems in the health insurance and extras industry to give our fellow Aussies revolutionary and genuine protection. We will give you all things you love about insurance, with none of the bits that you don’t.

Haven’t joined the revolution yet? Do not miss out!

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