ExtrasJar flips the traditional insurance model on its head, and we are set out with a mission to shake up the insurance industry and give control back to you. We implement a radical approach that rewards healthy people with a nest egg they can draw upon especially when they need it most.

So, what happens if you do not claim or withdraw your funds to pay for your treatments? It will stay and remain as your funds until you need to use them.

Yes, you heard that right! At ExtrasJar, we are all about funds that do not expire. After all, those are your money, and you decided to get a policy because you want to save. Why should it wind up if there is no reason to use them?

If your funds are unused, they will roll over to the next year and be invested in the ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme. This can potentially put more cash in your back pocket from the jump. You can draw from these savings to pay for any health and/or pet extras down the track without delay.

ExtrasJar Managed Investment Scheme is our pioneering investment model that makes your funds work year to year, challenging the all-too-common stagnation of expenses typical to the insurance industry.

We recognise that expiring funds and benefits is one of the main problems of getting health extras coverage. Several Aussies are losing their hard-earned savings because they did not need to get treatment. That’s why ExtrasJar is giving a solution to put an end to this dilemma.

Here at ExtrasJar, we support a healthy future.

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